Molly Sheridan

Ultra-Marathon Runner, Adventurer, Speaker, and Author ​


Molly Sheridan

Molly Sheridan is CEO/Founder of Desert Sky Adventures, a company created to encourage individuals to reach their physical and mental potential through running. Molly is an Ultra-Marathon Runner, Coach, Speaker, and Author of Running Past Midnight. After her first marathon at age 50, Molly decided to test herself and run the toughest footraces on the planet…

Speaking Engagements

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 I am on a Mission to encourage and inspire people to MOVE! 
Running, walking and movement should be Fun, Meditative, and Joyful while improving your mental and physical well being. We don’t need another job! Let’s move through space and create a world of healthier, happier humans!

Speaking Topics:

Achieving Mental Toughness Through Movement

Discover strategies to fortify your mind, enhance focus, and sustain motivation, no matter the distance ahead.

Reverse Aging with Exercise and Running!

Learn how consistent movement can not only slow down the clock but actually reverse the signs of aging, improving quality of life and vitality.

Achieve the Impossible

Uncover the tools and determination needed to transcend perceived limits and how to harness the courage to achieve what seems impossible.

Page-Turning Adventures...

Molly is the Author of Running Past Midnight

“At the age of 50, mother of three, Molly Sheridan, puts on a pair of running shoes, soul searching for a way to transition into the second half of her life. Within a few weeks and a trip to the doctor, Molly is told she is too old, too tall, and too un-athletic to begin running. Following her own council and heart’s desire, she embarks on her secret dream, to run long distances. This thought provoking, sometimes humorous account follows Molly’s journey, beyond motherhood and age barriers, to novice runner, onward to extreme adventure tackling the toughest footraces on the planet and becoming the first American woman to attempt and complete 138 miles in the Himalayas. Molly’s message is simple: life begins at 50.”


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