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Training in Leh, India – Part 2

Hey everyone, Bailey again! Here is some more highlights from my moms adventures:

Hi Everyone!

Well, today I went to 18,000 feet. Now Bill said his GPS was reading 17,600 feet but, since I always like to embellish my stories, lets just say I was around 19,000.. Haha. I will tell you that I was higher than any mountain in the U.S. including Alaska… It was frickin HIGH!! I did pretty well actually. I can’t say I was doing any running but I didn’t experience any headaches or altitude sickness and I was up there for a long time. I am excited about that. It got me over my fear of having wacky problems.

I did have an exciting afternoon too. I met with Lama Tsephel at Lengshed Gonpa monastery. He was an amazing holy man and simply adorable. He blessed our family prayer flag. He rang bells over it, poured holy oil, threw rice on it, ran it through incense, then he chanted for about 20 minutes. It is now thoroughly blessed. I will be hanging it at the highest peak Kangdung La during my race.

Lama Tsephel has invited me to come to his second monastery, up in the mountains, next year. You can only get there by trekking as there are no roads. He is now my new best friend!! We really hit it off. He asked us to come back to see him tomorrow at 3pm. He is going to give us a special blessing for the race and a special blessing to take home. It was an awesome experience. I was humbled by it to tell you the truth.

-Molly Sheridan

Training in Leh, India – Part 1

Hey everybody, this is Molly’s daughter Bailey! I am going to be the official reporter for my mom as she travels through India. Here is what she has to say from her first few days in Leh:

I am at a remote location, LEH, India at about 12,000 feet and believe me when I tell you I expect to see a Yeti any minute. I do LOVE it here. It is a special place and more gorgeous than I could have imagined. So much cleaner and serene then New Dehli…ahhh New Dehli… that is a different story!!

I am at an Internet Cafe with a generator grinding outside this room. I am staying at a peaceful house cottage. thank god my own little room , overlooking a meadow and the incredible Himalayas. It is surreal. There is limited electricity…really no Internet except for this cafe (sometimes).

My guide Nattu took me on a tour of the little town. Bill took off for parts un-known as he went to TanLang La to experiment being at 17,000 feet. I didn’t feel the calling for that yet! So, I am slowly acclimating here. I ran for almost 3 hours this morning and I felt okay. Tomorrow I am going to see what 17,000 feels like. I’ll be going up and down in elevation over the next week. My crew will arrive on Saturday to acclimate for a week.

So, sporadic electricity, freezing cold showers, no sheets or pillow cases, sleeping on a mat with a kind of Yak blanket….yep! I’m lovin life!! hee hee hee


I am headed over to the monastery here today with our family prayers flag (thank you Toodie!!) Nattu set up an appointment for me to meet with a holy man who will give his blessing on our flag (I think he chants and blow on it from what I understand!) Then Nattu has sent me up to see a woman Oracle. He tells me she isn’t a fortune teller but she is a healer and spiritual elder. I am very excited to meet her.

Lots of powerful energy in the monastery here. I walked in and have to tell you that there is an energy here that I can’t describe. I can’t wait to hang our flag at Khang Lang La.

-Molly Sheridan