Part 2 Arriving in India

To say that India has changed my life is an understatement. I have thought about my experiences there ever since I left to come home 17 days ago. My head and my heart are floating somewhere at 18,000 feet, resting on the soft snow of Khardung La.

Ironically, that is where our family prayer flag is stretched across and waving in the mountain winds, at the peak of Khardung La.

When I first arrived in Leh I went to the local monestary and met Lama Tsephel. I brought him our family prayer flag to bless before I took it up to the mountain. We had an immediate contection, my Lama and I. I felt as if I had found a long lost family member. His face seemed familiar and I was drawn to our conversations about the people and history of Leh.

I spoke to the Lama a lot about the race. He loved our crew t-shirt that we presented him. In exchange he gave me his prayer beads. He made me promise that I would come back and visit him next year.

After the Lama blessing it was time to get ready for race day……..all I wanted to do was conquer that first peak Khardung La. I knew if I summitted that peak I had a chance at this race…….

to be continued…

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