Training in Leh, India – Part 2

Hey everyone, Bailey again! Here is some more highlights from my moms adventures:

Hi Everyone!

Well, today I went to 18,000 feet. Now Bill said his GPS was reading 17,600 feet but, since I always like to embellish my stories, lets just say I was around 19,000.. Haha. I will tell you that I was higher than any mountain in the U.S. including Alaska… It was frickin HIGH!! I did pretty well actually. I can’t say I was doing any running but I didn’t experience any headaches or altitude sickness and I was up there for a long time. I am excited about that. It got me over my fear of having wacky problems.

I did have an exciting afternoon too. I met with Lama Tsephel at Lengshed Gonpa monastery. He was an amazing holy man and simply adorable. He blessed our family prayer flag. He rang bells over it, poured holy oil, threw rice on it, ran it through incense, then he chanted for about 20 minutes. It is now thoroughly blessed. I will be hanging it at the highest peak Kangdung La during my race.

Lama Tsephel has invited me to come to his second monastery, up in the mountains, next year. You can only get there by trekking as there are no roads. He is now my new best friend!! We really hit it off. He asked us to come back to see him tomorrow at 3pm. He is going to give us a special blessing for the race and a special blessing to take home. It was an awesome experience. I was humbled by it to tell you the truth.

-Molly Sheridan

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