Training in Leh, India – Part 1

Hey everybody, this is Molly’s daughter Bailey! I am going to be the official reporter for my mom as she travels through India. Here is what she has to say from her first few days in Leh:

I am at a remote location, LEH, India at about 12,000 feet and believe me when I tell you I expect to see a Yeti any minute. I do LOVE it here. It is a special place and more gorgeous than I could have imagined. So much cleaner and serene then New Dehli…ahhh New Dehli… that is a different story!!

I am at an Internet Cafe with a generator grinding outside this room. I am staying at a peaceful house cottage. thank god my own little room , overlooking a meadow and the incredible Himalayas. It is surreal. There is limited electricity…really no Internet except for this cafe (sometimes).

My guide Nattu took me on a tour of the little town. Bill took off for parts un-known as he went to TanLang La to experiment being at 17,000 feet. I didn’t feel the calling for that yet! So, I am slowly acclimating here. I ran for almost 3 hours this morning and I felt okay. Tomorrow I am going to see what 17,000 feels like. I’ll be going up and down in elevation over the next week. My crew will arrive on Saturday to acclimate for a week.

So, sporadic electricity, freezing cold showers, no sheets or pillow cases, sleeping on a mat with a kind of Yak blanket….yep! I’m lovin life!! hee hee hee


I am headed over to the monastery here today with our family prayers flag (thank you Toodie!!) Nattu set up an appointment for me to meet with a holy man who will give his blessing on our flag (I think he chants and blow on it from what I understand!) Then Nattu has sent me up to see a woman Oracle. He tells me she isn’t a fortune teller but she is a healer and spiritual elder. I am very excited to meet her.

Lots of powerful energy in the monastery here. I walked in and have to tell you that there is an energy here that I can’t describe. I can’t wait to hang our flag at Khang Lang La.

-Molly Sheridan

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