Great Wall of China


It’s interesting how so much can change in just a couple of months. The end of last year, 2014, was full of challenges with the death of my adorable Dad, then a torn tendon in my ankle sidelined me. It was awful to force myself to slow down from running and all activity in a time when running seemed to be the one outlet I needed most.

Time does heal. After resorting to pool running and light exercises while I pondered life’s mysteries and sorted through the passing of my dad I seemed to move quietly through the dark transition into Spring and a great trip to South Korea ( see post below). After my return I headed to China to run the Great Wall Marathon with my two kids, 22 year old Taylor and 32 year old Devin. It was a rewarding trip simply to be able to run again in such an exotic place and to share that experience with my kids. It was a tough and demanding race…but so is life. The only thing to do is move through it with as much strength and grace as possible and, when you get to that finish line, or that quiet place of reflection, look back over the challenges you overcame and hang on to the confidence that you have gained. It will carry you through.


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