South Korea!

South Korea and the China Sea

I was fortunate enough to get invited by Bill to Seoul, South Korea where he was invited to speak at an anti aging conference. I had never been to that part of the world and since I love to travel I jumped at the opportunity. We had planned to run across the 32 miles of Jeju Island while we were there. Jeju is south of Mainland Korea and I was anxious to run across the forests and streams in that subtropical location. Unfortunately when we arrived the dormant volcano in the middle of the island was covered in snow and the weather conditions were not accommodating.

Nevertheless we were able to get a great run in at the national Forest of Jeju at the base of Mt Halla, the 6,000 ft volcano.
South Korean people were lovely. Everyone we met was gracious and welcoming.

My book, ‘Running Past Midnight’ was delivered to Seoul while I was there and we celebrated the arrival of my first novel. The organization that invited Bill to speak asked me to come back with him in May to do my own presentation on running and fitness. They want to have my book translated into Korean.

The highlights of the trip were meeting an incredible artist named Lee Young Soo, an 80 year old revered national treasure of Korea. He created all the artwork years ago for the Seoul Olympics and is a highly acclaimed artist. He graciously invited a group of us to his home and showered us with gifts. What amazing energy for 80! He presented Bill with a painting he made of a white tiger and he presented both of us with his hand painted scrolls and fans. Incredibly beautiful art!

There were so many wonderful people that we met. And so many incredible wonders in that country. Like the Mysterious Road….a road where you put your car in neutral and it magically drives all by itself ( it’s a mystery but Bill says he thinks it’s a highly magnetic area)
After 2 weeks in Korea it’s hard to adjust to arriving back home in the states. Everything is changed!
I love exotic countries where traditions are so opposite from ours. You can learn so much about yourself as a person and you get such a different perspective of your own life when you travel abroad. Everyday stress is reduced because you realize that your problems aren’t that big. Life really does become more simple as you concentrate on the amazing planet we live in and the beautiful trails and forests of the world. Stress melts away and clarity is formed.

Returning to your own world seems different. You realize you have been changed by the situations that you experienced. I think that’s a good thing. Every now and then you need to be inspired and awakened by new adventures.
Hmmmm, when is my next adventure!?  Ahhh yes,  Beijing, China in 4 weeks!

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