Why Do I Run?


I signed up for the Salmon Creek 50K after a cold, snowy winter. My first winter in Reno, Nevada. I had never experienced living months on end in frozen conditions having lived in Las Vegas for 30 years. It was never too cold in Vegas to bundle up and go outside for a run. Reno was a new experience for sure. I moved to Reno for many reasons( my family and loved ones!) but also the incredible trails and mountains. Nestled in the middle of the Sierra Mountains Reno is a gem of rolling mountains and thick forests.
How hard could it be to run in the snow?

My first venture outside landed me squarely on my backside hitting the frozen pave-stone in eight inches of snow. This was tricky. 19 degrees was a shocker. How do people do this? I half heartedly ventured out, partly walking, partly hiking through fields of unending ice and snow. My running dwindled down to a crawl during that first dark winter. Right at the end of the season I discovered snowshoeing! Wow, movement in the white stuff was actually fun. But, alas, my weeks and weeks of un-movement made me sluggish and slow.

My first 50K in the Spring was a shocker. My legs felt sluggish underneath me. On the smooth trail I felt as if I was at a slow crawl even though I was giving my full effort. The first six miles was horrid and full of mindless worry. My daughter Taylor and my son-in-law-to-be Chad had screamed down the trail in front of me. Ah youth! Where did you go? My mind kept telling me that I wasn’t going to make it! The long winter had taken my strength! Where was my inner Superwoman? She was buried deep under negative emotions and fear. Fear of losing my strength, fear and worry that maybe my running days were over. For the first time that I can remember I was having seriously negative thoughts and finding excuses on why I couldn’t run.


I turned a corner and looked out over the vast, winding, beautiful trails tucked into a silent canyon of yellow wild flowers. I stopped and studied the landscape. I felt the wind blow back my hair and was surprised at the power that rose up through my feet on the ground. Then Superwomen rose up out of the depths of my soul. She said, “Shut up and RUN! Geezuz, SHUT UP! LOOK AROUND YOU! The world is at your feet. You are free! You are healthy! You have everything you need to move forward. MOVE!!”
And, I did!

I let my Superwoman, Badass runner, rise up inside, past the doom and gloom and lead me fleeing through the forest, climbing mountains effortlessly, looking out over the horizon of green forests and down the shady path of life and abundance.

I choose running to always bring me back to the sanity of peace, happiness and self discovery over and over again. She doesn’t always stay with me, but I know that I can find her on the trails and paths of nature’s wilderness.

I rocked down the trails and just kept moving…..running and walking and filling myself with strength and clarity, fun and joy, power and kickass happiness.
It seems so simple but how easily I forget…Always keep moving. Walk, Run, Move!! Just shut up and MOVE!

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