About Molly

Molly Sheridan is CEO/Founder of Desert Sky Adventures, a company created to encourage individuals to reach their physical and mental potential through running. 

Molly is an Ultra-Marathon Runner, Coach, Speaker, and Author of Running Past Midnight. After her first marathon at age 50, Molly decided to test herself and run the toughest footraces on the planet. 

Her accomplishments include running over 85 ultra-marathons including the Marathon Des Sables, 150 mile race through the Sahara Desert and The Badwater Ultramarathon, 135 mile footrace from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney. Molly is the first American woman to run 222 kilometers through the Himalayas over two peaks of 18,000ft in the race event La Ultra The High. Molly is an Abbott World Marathon 6 Star Finisher completing the final race in the series, Tokyo Marathon, March 2023. 

Molly speaks to audiences around the world, sharing the benefits of running for mental and physical well being. 

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